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Our Service

As long as you've got ideas for your garments and the market in mine …. We've got the means to deliver it just the way you desire

Our Capabilities
  • Product dev

    • Browzwear
    • GSD
  • Cutting

    • Auto cut
  • Embellishment

    • Engrave
    • Emboss
    • Print
    • Ultra sonic
    • Embroidery
    • Laminate
    • Laser cut
  • Sewing

    • Automation ministry
    • Stand sew
    • Sewing machine
  • Metal detector

    • Metal detector
Product sample

The list of apparel categories that we have produced from the very beginning until now

  • Running
  • Basket ball
  • Football
  • Ski wear
  • Jacket
  • Fleece jacket
  • Golf
  • Training
  • T-shirt
  • Polo shirt
  • Shorts

At the end of the day, our client's objectives can be boiled down to achieving cost, quality, and delivery target. Obviously, to help them reach their goals, even flawless management in production shop floor wouldn't suffice. It requires our control of the total supply chain.

Our Supply Chain Management Service

Enhance monitoring

  • Clients can track our WIP on a PO basis from the point of fabric to full garment. Monitored areas include material status, our WIP status from shop floor, our daily output, quality status, and literally any tailored-made reports clients request
  • Through mutual monitoring, we assist clients in meeting their calendar objectives including quick BOM finalization, FOB confirmation, garment delivery, etc.

Cost effective supply chain management

  • Tracking system enables us to process massive amount of data quicker, more accurate, with less resources and hassle.

The edge of being better integrated throughout the value chain
  • We have been investing in ERP system across the value chain. We are utilizing SAP and our in-house tried and true system. In regards to our in-house system, it gives us the flexibility to continually improve to better satisfy our clients.
  • We are vertically set up through ERP system with our partner fabric supplier, YRC, who is one of the largest fabric factories in Thailand.

We understand that our clients are being driven by speed to market concept to stay competitive in retail space. Accordingly, our company has been set up in the way that we can provide our service to match with our clients' lead time requirements.

Currently, there are 5 major lead time levels that we work with our clients which include 90 days program , 75 days program, 60 days program, 2 weeks, and even 3 days program. However, please be noted that it is recommended that clients discuss with us directly so that we can specifically provide appropriate lead time solutions.

You may find more details about each lead time level by hovering on the circles.

90 days program

Regular build to order mode

  • Account for fabric order
    production + delivery

  • Account of garment
    production + delivery

75 days program

Prioritized model

  • Prioritization program

60 days program

Material stock model

  • Working with fabric factory beforehand

  • Having material ready beforehand

  • Can be sooner than 60 days

2 weeks program

Build to stock model

  • Produce finished goods in advance

3 days program

Build to stock model

  • Produce finished goods in advance